About Me

I am doing a PhD in Mathematics (Very much applied) at the University of Exeter, UK.. I am interested in the mathematical modelling of physiological systems – neurons and mechanics mostly, but I like all kinds of problems. Moreover, I am excited about data analysis (signal processing, sparse signal processing), machine learning and optimization. I worked at TCS Innovation labs doing systems modelling in physiology and machine learning to develop wearable/diagnostic devices.


Essentially I work at the intersection of dynamical systems and machine learning.

My Google Scholar, Researchgate, Linkedin and loop profiles.

Please visit my blogs to know some of my random (chaotic?) thoughts. These are mostly notes that I make for myself, I am happy if anyone else finds this useful. Also, here is an app I made for fun. I am going to move my site to dreamingsailor.me slowly.

Email: midhun@midhunonweb.com